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Alasdair Gray – 1934-2019: A World of Possibilities

  • Neil Cooper
  • 30 December 2019

Alasdair Gray – 1934-2019: A World of Possibilities

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Neil Cooper reflects on the extraordinary life of the Scottish artistic titan

To enter into Alasdair Gray's world is to enter a wonderland of imagination that bursts off the page, canvas and stage to offer possibilities of other ways of living rooted in the big, messy bloom of humanity. Gray's passing aged 85 is the loss of an artistic titan, whose breadth of vision in word, brush and thought helped reimagine infinity for the city of Glasgow and its people that became his canvas, his story-board and his dream-scape.

You could get a glimpse of that wo捕鱼达人可以赢现金rld stepping into Gray's home in the west end of the city, where paintings, of his literary and artistic contemporaries and of those close to him down the decades lined his front room. The acquired clutter suggested a life that was an endless work in progress, its expansive Blakeian shades reaching out for the stars, the universe and beyond.

I fleetingly witnessed this first-hand when I visited Gray to interview him and artist Siobhan Healy to about their forthcoming exhibition, Biodiversity: A Cabinet of Curiosities, which they were working on for the 2018 Edinburgh Art Festival. Gray was painstakingly painting the texts for the show when I arrived. He was in a wheelchair by then following a fall a few years before, but spoke as passionately and as forensically about the Patrick Geddes inspired show as he did a decade or so before when I'd visited. That was to interview him about a play he had going on as part of Oran Mor's a Play, A Pie and A Pint lunchtime theatre season.




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