Terra Mundo: A world first in i捕鱼兑换现金电脑版mmersive, multi-sensory dining

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Terra Mundo: A world first in immersive, multi-sensory dining

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  • 20 December 2019

Terra Mundo: A world first in immersive, multi-sensory dining

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Enjoy three courses inspired by three distinctly earthly environments

The concept behind Terra Mundo explores frequencies and how the frequencies of what you see, taste, hear and sense can be interpreted and used in synergy to enhance and heighten your dining experience. Working with the best chefs, drinks experts, musicians and videographers, the event is set over three delicious courses and inspired by three distinctly earthly environments. The team of experts behind the event have interpreted the characteristics of Fore有哪些捕鱼是现金版的st, Fire and Ocean to bring you a feast of flavours and frequencies.

There is science behind it. Let's look at the tuning fork – a versatile instrument, used for tuning orchestras and a variety of non-invasive healing processes. They're acoustic resonators, vibrating at a specific frequency of 512 Hz – a frequency that is in sympathetic resonance with the human body, which is why it can be used to diagnose and heal. After all, from atoms to molecules to cells and DNA, the human body is constructed from vibrating geometric forms that fit together to make … us!




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